MS Electrical and Computer Engineering

MS Electrical and Computer Engineering

General Information

Students admitted through the GT-Shenzhen campus must commit to spending the first two semesters of academic studies at GT-Shenzhen. Most GT-Shenzhen students will complete the MS ECE degree in 3 semesters. Students have the option to enroll at GT-Shenzhen, or GT-Atlanta, or GT-Europe in France during their last semester.

Participation in internships under a GT graduate co-op arrangement is encouraged. GT-Shenzhen provides a framework for the students to mix-and-match academic, industrial, and study abroad experiences and still graduate in 1-2 years. GT-Shenzhen aims to develop the whole student and will provide communication and leadership development opportunities for students.

Generally, students matriculate in the fall semester, although the program will enroll new students for both fall and spring.


Courses are flexible enough to meet the individual needs of ECE graduate students while at the same time ensuring that all graduates complete a well-rounded program of study to support their professional goals. Courses should be divided into three groups to meet the MS ECE degree requirements.

ECE’s graduate level courses are grouped among 11 Technical Interest Areas (TIAs), listed below:

  • Bioengineering (BIO)
  • Computer Systems & Software (CSS)
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Electrical Energy (EE)
  • Electromagnetics (EM)
  • Electronic Design & Applications (EDA)
  • Microelectronics (Micro)
  • Modern Optics (Opt)
  • Systems & Controls (S&C)
  • Telecommunications (Telecom)
  • VLSI Systems & Digital Design (VSD)

Note that only the non-thesis option is available at GT-Shenzhen. The GT non-thesis MS degree in ECE requires 30 credit hours; please see the degree requirements here.