Current Students




Checklist for New Students in 2024

Emergency Contact Card (Make sure to have this on you at all times!)




Time Tickets will be issued by the Registrar’s Office one day prior to the beginning of registration. Step-by-step instructions can be found on their website. Here are some videos to assist with registration.

  • GT-Shenzhen classes are only available to those students who have their campus coded for Shenzhen. If you encounter a campus restriction error during online registration, please email GT-Shenzhen to be sure that your campus code is correct in the GT registration system.
  • Senior undergraduate students need to request for a permit to enroll in graduate courses from the graduate office of your home school (ECE, ISYE, CS, ME, etc).
  • Audit/sit-in considerations
  • Video classes:Access course materials, homework submission, exams, degree petition, copyright forms.
  • Textbooks: The program provides a couple of copies of current edition textbooks for each course (on-site or video) offered at GT-Shenzhen. Inexpensive international editions of some of the textbooks can be purchased in China. For those textbooks that can only be purchased from outside of China, you can place order online and have them shipped to you in China.
  • Registrar: Transcripts, degree petitions, rules & regulations
  • Graduate Student Forms
  • GT Honor Code: Violation of the GT code of conduct can result in disciplinary warning, probation, suspension, or expulsion.


IT Matters

Financial Matters

  • GT-Shenzhen Tuition and fees: Payment options and instructions
  • Daily Purchases: Wechat Pay and Ali Pay are the most popular methods of payment (retail or otherwise) in China.



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