Georgia Tech – Shenzhen Dining Options

Dining Options

Key words on a Chinese menu.

Shenzhen is a city of immigrants and has cuisines from all parts of China and the world. Being a seaside city also means it has good fresh seafood. Shenzhen is a foodie’s paradise. Much information is available on the internet about dining in Shenzhen. See for example, this page. We focus below on dining options within walking distance from GT-Shenzhen.

Nearby GT-Shenzhen campus, there is a wide range of casual dining options, such as Cantonese, Sichuan, Korean, Japanese and western-style fast foods. Most restaurants serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at economical prices. Food map below shows the restaurants that our staff and students visit frequently.If you are willing to walk a little, you can try one of the cafeterias on the University Town of Shenzhen campus which is 15-minutes walking distance from GT-Shenzhen. Not all on-campus cafeterias accept cash-paying customers, but some do. Once you are inside the Shenzhen University Town campus, use the map below to guide you to a cafeteria (five cafeterias in the campus area are highlighted with yellow ovals in the map).

You can also bike (~10 mins) or take bus to nearby shopping malls, (Yitian Holiday Village 益田假日里 and Tanglang Town 塘朗城) which are both only 2 bus stops away from our campus. These two malls have many cafes, food courts and fine dining.

Food Delivery Apps
Meituan Waimai 美团外卖 and Eleme 饿了么 are the two main food delivery apps in China, coordinating food delivery from restaurants to your door step. You can also find chain restaurants that have their own delivery teams, such as McDonald’s and Domino’s. These platforms basically cover the restaurants in your neighborhood.

Special Dietary Needs
To better accommodate students with various dietary restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, etc), GT-Shenzhen provides cookware and utensils for students who want to cook at the community kitchen.

Nearby Vegan/Vegetarian friendly restaurants
(DISCLAIMER: We provide these recommendations to assist our program participants but this by no means implies that we endorse these vendors nor that we guarantee their food quality or safety.)

  • Zhi Gu Shi Tang Su Shi Wu(智谷食堂素食屋)
    Address: 103 Jin Qi Zhi Gu (Building 4, Chongwen Huayuan), at Liu Xian Avenue and Tangling Rd intersection. Around 10 mins walk (600m from GT-Shenzhen).
    Cuisine: Vegetarian buffet of Chinese style dishes.
  • HUHE VEGAN 素禾素食(西丽店)
    Address: No. 5-3, Guanlong Rd, Xili Subdistrict , Nanshan District. (930m from Exit B, Liu Xian Dong Metro Station, Line 5)
    Cuisine: Vegetarian buffet of Chinese style dishes.
  • Su Shi Wu (素食屋)
    Address: No. 3003, Tongsha Rd, Xili Subdistrict, , Nanshan District. (580m from Exit B, Liu Xian Dong Metro Station, Line 5)
    Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Fast food
  • Su Fang · Cha Shi (素芳·茶事)
    Address: Shop 1-4, Hailong Court, Longjing Rd, Taoyuan Subdistrict, Nanshan District
    Cuisine: Vegetarian buffet of Chinese style dishes
  • N•E Vegetarian Restaurant (N•E 蔬食餐吧)
    Address: Shop 201, Blk B21, ShengMoLiSi Community, Minzhi Subdistrict, Longhua District
    Cuisine: Chinese & western style vegetarian dishes
  • Namaste Indian Restaurant (印度素食馆)
    Address: Shop 42-27, 1F, Blk 1, ZhongHangBeiYuan Building, Huaqingbei Subdistrict, Futian District. (Close to Exit C, Huaqiangbei Metro Station, Line 2&7)
    Cuisine: Vegan and Vegetarian Indian food

If you are fasting during Passover, Ramadan, or have other special dietary needs such as Kosher food or gluten-free items, please contact the GT-Shenzhen office for help.