General Information – Master of Industrial Design

The School of Industrial Design at Georgia Tech is among the distinct preeminent design programs in the U.S. with access to the resources of a top-tier research university. Access to distinguished faculty and emerging technologies present a highly favorable environment for discovery, innovation, and intellectual freedom.

The multidisciplinary nature of design thinking and design research, combined with students with unique academic and professional experiences create an educationally rich space of interdisciplinary minds within the MID program. The curriculum specializes in fortifying the designer’s role in humanizing connections between people and technology, with a focus on the areas of interaction design, healthcare design, service design, product design, and user-experience research.

Upon completion, MID graduates gain versatility in industry due to their unique blend of skills. From positions in product design, UX/UI design research, to strategy and consulting, our alumni are equipped to fill a critical and growing need for tech-savvy and data-driven user-first advocates.

MID program tuition waiver for Fall 2022: In celebration of the GT-Shenzhen MID program launch in Fall 2022, all admitted GT-Shenzhen MID program students will be offered full tuition waiver for the Fall 2022 semester. This is a one-time offer for Fall 2022 only. GT-Shenzhen MID program students will be considered for Merit-Based Scholarships starting from the second semester they are enrolled at GT-Shenzhen based on their academic history and performance.

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