Merit-Based Scholarships

The scholarships below are quoted in the Chinese currency RMB. You can visit this page to obtain the exchange rate between RMB and the currency of your interest. As of 1/1/2022, the exchange rate between USD and RMB is approximately 1 USD = 6.36 RMB.

We are pleased to announce the availability of a limited number of merit-based GT-Shenzhen scholarships in the form of partial tuition waivers at three different levels:

      • Level A Scholarship at a total of 30,000 RMB, distributed over 3 semesters at 10,000 RMB per semester.
      • Level B Scholarship at a total of 21,000 RMB, distributed over 3 semesters at 7,000 RMB per semester.
      • Level C Scholarship at a total of 12,000 RMB, distributed over 3 semesters at 4,000 RMB per semester.

Eligibility: All incoming (newly admitted) GT-Shenzhen MS students are eligible for consideration. Must choose the GT-Shenzhen campus as the campus of choice in the graduate application. This scholarship does not apply to exchange students from other GT campuses. Selection criteria:

      • Ranking during your undergraduate studies. If you have enrolled in a graduate program, please submit your graduate ranking information as well. All original official ranking certificates and transcripts must be received by our Atlanta office before you can be considered; see Contact Us page.
      • The reputation of your undergraduate university (and graduate university, if applicable), as well as the rigor of your curriculum.
      • TOEFL, GRE scores and GPA.
      • Once enrolled in a GT MS program, the merit-based scholarship can be discontinued if the recipient is found to have violated the Georgia Tech Student Code of Conduct or if the student fails to maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA (out of 4.0) in the preceding GT semester.

Scholarship decisions will be made approximately 2 months before the start of each term.
Scholarship recipients will be asked to assist the GT-Shenzhen office with various administrative tasks.