FAQ on GT MS Degree

Q: Is the GT degree that you offer in Shenzhen a regular GT degree?
A: Yes. The MS degree that we offer at GT-Shenzhen is the same as what we offer at GT-Atlanta. GT-Shenzhen and GT-Atlanta impose the same admission and degree requirements. Courses are taken from the GT course catalog and are taught in English by GT professors or adjunct professors. The main differences are: location, student body demographics, and tuition rate.

Q: Does the diploma indicate that it is for the Shenzhen or China campus?
No, neither the diploma nor transcript contain words about Shenzhen or China. All diplomas are issued from the Georgia Tech Registrar’s Office in Atlanta, and they look identical to those earned by GT-Atlanta students. See sample.

Q: Tianjin University is the sponsor of this program on the Chinese side. Is the degree a joint degree with Tianjin University?
No, this is not a joint degree program. Students will receive a standard Georgia Tech MS degree. There will be students in the program who are dual-enrolled at Tianjin University and at Georgia Tech and these students will receive both the Tianjin University and the Georgia Tech graduate degrees, but the two degrees are completely independent of each other. For the vast majority of students in this program, they will be only studying with Georgia Tech faculty in Shenzhen.

Q: Will the Chinese government recognize my GT diploma if I only studied in Shenzhen?
Yes. According to relevant regulations of the Chinese government, the diploma that you will receive from a GT-Shenzhen MS program will be recognized because GT-Shenzhen is an institution approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE). Our permit number is MOE44USA02DNR20202060N. Once you have enrolled in the programs, we will submit your information to the MOE database. When you receive your GT diploma, you can apply for your diploma to be certified by the MOE because there is a record of your enrollment in this MOE approved program.

Q: Where can I check the status of my OAG for graduation?
See https://registrar.gatech.edu/degree-works-upgrade and click “How to view Degree Works”.

Q: I will receive my GT MS degree in May. When will I be getting the diploma?
A: According to the information for degree candidates, diplomas are mailed out approximately 6-8 weeks after the graduation ceremony. Add another 2-4 weeks time for the parcel to reach you in China by regular air mail. The physical size of the diploma is quite large, so it will be rolled up in a tube and shipped as a parcel. By the time that you receive the diploma, it may be July or August.

Q: How do I receive the GT diploma?
A: The diploma will be sent to you by mail. BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR ONLINE APPLICATION FOR GRADUATION, please enter an accurate shipping address (and telephone number) where you can receive your diploma approximately 2-3 months after the graduation date. Instructions for entering the Diploma Mailing Address are given in the Registrar’s video.
Be sure to enter the diploma mailing address and telephone number before the end of the term in which you plan to graduate. Jostens sends out most international diplomas using UPS.
GT-Shenzhen will no longer ship diplomas to Shenzhen.

Q: How can I obtain a “degree pending verification”?
A: You will need to complete two forms. First, the “Change of Anticipated Graduation Date” as explained here. The expected date of graduation was automatically calculated at the time of acceptance – correct it if necessary to reflect your actual progress. Next, follow the instructions posted here to request a verification of pending degree. You should send in both forms, and only after you have submitted your degree application materials.

Q: I am applying to the Ph.D. program at other universities that require proof of English instruction to waive the TOEFL exam. How do I obtain such certificate?
This is a common request. Please email comments@nullregistrar.gatech.edu with your request, and include your full name and GT ID in the email.

Q: I am a recent GT-Shenzhen graduate. How do I obtain an official “Statement of Rank in College or University Class” from the GT Registrar?
A:  Complete the Verification Request Form found on the Registrar’s website. Check “Rank” under “Type of Verification”. Once you have completed, signed, and dated the form, scan and email it to the Registrar’s office address printed on the form. Your rank will be given as a number among the thousands of current GT MS students (irrespective of major), ranked according to your GPA.

Q: I have 30 credit hours and am on track for graduation; however, I will not enroll during my last semester. How do I maintain my graduation status?

A: Georgia Tech requires enrollment for all students during their graduation term. If you are not enrolled, you must submit a one-time Enrollment Waiver Form and seek approval before the end of registration. Please see the ECE Graduate Student Forms & Guidelines page for this form and follow the Docusign instructions. Email GT-Shenzhen for the appropriate contact to add as the Graduate Coordinator signature in ECE.

Q: I am a recent GT-Shenzhen graduate. I have not received my GT diploma yet but my employer requires me to provide proof of my GT degree. How do I do that?
A: See the ECE Graduate Student Forms & Guidelines page for the Degree Verification Form. Please email GT-Shenzhen for the appropriate contact for signature.

Q: I am a recent GT-Shenzhen graduate. It has been over 3 months and I have not received my GT diploma yet. I am afraid the address I entered may have been incorrect. How do I reorder?
A: The diploma reorder form is located on the Forms & Student Records page of the Registrar’s website. There is a $100 replacement fee. Please follow their instructions to submit your payment.
Since Georgia Tech does not ship internationally, we suggest you provide a US caretaker’s address on the diploma reorder form and have the caretaker express mail to China for you.

Q: I am a recent GT-Shenzhen graduate. How do I order an official GT transcript?
A: As soon as your degree has been awarded, you can order a GT transcript that shows your GT degree.