Global Student Scholarship

GT-Shenzhen Global Student Scholarship


The GT-Shenzhen Global Student Scholarship Program aspires to champion the motto of Progress and Service by welcoming students from different backgrounds to contribute to a vibrant educational environment at GT-Shenzhen. Recognizing the importance of diverse cultural perspectives, this scholarship is committed to empowering students from outside of mainland China with the means to pursue academic excellence.

Scholarship Level

This scholarship offers a 50% tuition reduction for the first three semesters at GT-Shenzhen.

Scholarship Criteria

  • All students who are not originally from mainland China and whose initial admission is through the GT-Shenzhen campus are eligible for consideration.
  • Students receiving this scholarship must be willing to perform 10 hours of administrative tasks each week in areas of international student recruitment or to contribute to cultural diversity at GT-Shenzhen.
  • Students must maintain good academic standing and good disciplinary standing to retain the scholarship for the following semesters.

Automatic Consideration

There is no separate application process for the GT-Shenzhen Global Student Scholarship. All GT-Shenzhen applicants meeting the above Scholarship Criteria are automatically considered for the scholarship.

The GT-Shenzhen Office will notify those eligible students of the scholarship and give them the opportunity to accept or decline the scholarship.

Compatibility with Other Scholarships

Receiving this scholarship does not preclude the student from receiving Merit-Based Scholarship at GT-Shenzhen.

Students cannot simultaneously receive this scholarship and the Coulter Scholarship or the NACA Scholarship.