FAQ on Financial Matters

Q: How much do you charge for the programs in Shenzhen?
Students should be able to complete a MS program in 3 semesters. Please see https://www.shenzhen.gatech.edu/tuition-and-feesstudents/ for our tuition and fees.

Q: What do the tuition and fees include? What additional expenses that students should budget?
They include tuition to cover the instructional costs, technology fee so students can use online resources from Atlanta, a special institutional fee that Georgia Tech charges to all students, and a program fee to cover administrative costs in China. Students will have to budget additionally, meals and lodging, books and supplies, supplemental health insurance, transportation, as well as personal spending.

Q: Do I need to pay for the tuition and fees or a deposit for the entire GT MS degree when I first enroll?
No. You pay for the GT-Shenzhen tuition and fees by semester and “as you go”. GT tuition and fees will be assessed on a semester-to-semester basis and you will not be asked to prepay the whole amount at the beginning of your studies.

Q: I am a US citizen student. Can I use federal financial aid such as FAFSA towards my GT-Shenzhen tuition and fees?
Yes. GT-Shenzhen students are regular students at Georgia Tech and the main distinction between GT-Shenzhen and GT-Atlanta is the applicable tuition & fees costs. GT-Shenzhen students who qualify for financial aid such as FAFSA can use the financial aid towards their GT-Shenzhen tuition & fees.

Q: I am a resident of the State of Georgia and qualify for in-state tuition. Can I pay in-state tuition when I study at GT-Shenzhen?
All students at GT-Shenzhen pay the same GT-Shenzhen tuition regardless of their Georgia residency status. GT-Shenzhen tuition rate is different from GT-Atlanta in-state tuition rate but they are quite comparable.

Q: I am a resident of the State of Georgia and qualify for in-state tuition. If I spend 2 semesters at GT-Shenzhen and return to GT-Atlanta for the 3rd semester, would I still qualify for in-state tuition?
A: Yes. In-state vs. out-of-state classification of a student is determined when he/she initially enrolls at Georgia Tech. As long as the student maintains full-time student status with Georgia Tech with no break in enrollment, the residency classification does not change when a student returns from a Georgia Tech study abroad program.

Q: Can I apply for Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) or Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) at GT-Shenzhen?
A: GTA positions are generally not available at GT-Shenzhen, except for certain video courses or large (>30 students) on-site classes. We will detect the need for a TA usually during the first week of classes and will contact students who had taken the course before and received an A grade. GRA positions are granted by individual professors so you will have to contact the professors directly to see if they can provide a GRA position to you.