Transient Students


Most leading universities have undergraduate study abroad programs. Fewer offer study abroad opportunities for engineering students. Even fewer universities have the capability to engage engineering graduate students in study abroad experiences.

Georgia Tech is the exception.

Georgia Tech – Shenzhen welcomes graduate (MS, PhD, BS/MS) degree seeking students from all US universities to come study with us for a semester, to experience the Chinese culture and to learn from Georgia Tech professors. Shenzhen is a modern, high tech city and is next door to Hong Kong. In 2015, the Shenzhen – Hong Kong high speed rail system is scheduled to operate shortening the travel time between Futian, Shenzhen and Kowloon, Hong Kong to less than 15 minutes. The standard of living in Shenzhen is high but the cost of living is relatively low as compared to Hong Kong or the US.

During the fall and summer semesters, selected GT courses will be taught in Shenzhen by GT faculty on rotation from Atlanta.

Cost-wise, studying abroad at GT-Shenzhen is certainly less expensive than studying at GT-Atlanta for out-of-state students, and is probably less expensive than studying at most top ranked US universities.

If you are a non-ECE student,

review your degree requirements to see what minor or elective courses you may take to meet your degree objectives. Credits earned at GT-Shenzhen will automatically appear on the students’ GT transcripts.

If you are not a GT student,

but a degree-seeking student from another US institution, you will first need to complete a transient student application. Once accepted as a transient student, you can begin to work with us towards a fulfilling study abroad experience. Upon completion of your GT-Shenzhen semester, you will need to work with your Registrar’s Office to transfer the GT credits back to your home institution.

Please contact the GT-Shenzhen office if you have any questions. We look forward to having you on our program!