Exchange to GT-Shenzhen





Students in good academic standing and good disciplinary standing (no pending disciplinary charges or outstanding disciplinary sanctions) wishing to pursue a semester of studies at GT-Shenzhen should contact GT-Shenzhen at least 3 months prior to the start of the exchange semester indicating your desire to switch to the GT-Shenzhen campus for the specified semester, if you need a visa to enter mainland China.

If you do not need a visa to enter mainland China, you can request to exchange to GT-Shenzhen with a 1 month lead time.

Courses offered at GT-Shenzhen are regular GT classes that appear in the registration system just like all other courses offered at GT. Because they are regular GT classes, grades earned in these courses are shown on a participant’s GT transcript and are calculated as part of the GT GPA.

You can contact GT-Shenzhen through this email:

Group of people holding a flag

If you are an international student at GT-Atlanta,

It is your responsibility to check with OIE in order to determine whether you can keep the same visa when returning to the US or you will need a different visa.

It is also the student’s responsibility to work with GT Housing and Residence Life to initiate a cancellation, due to study abroad reasons. To apply for this cancellation (penalty free) for an upcoming term, please complete the request form to submit with your housing cancellation. Deadlines apply.

If you are an OMSCS program student,

You must have been fully admitted to the OMSCS program before you request to exchange to GT-Shenzhen (i.e., you must have passed two OMSCS foundational courses with a grade of B or better within a year from your initial matriculation to the OMSCS program).

Include your full name and GT ID# in your switch campus request. We will then work with the Registrar to switch your campus code to GT-Shenzhen so you will be able to register for courses offered at the GT-Shenzhen campus.