Exchange to GT-Europe for MS ECE & MS CS Programs





Mster of Science (MS) in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) or Computer Science (CS) students who matriculate through GT-Shenzhen must spend their first two semesters at GT-Shenzhen and earn a minimum of 15 credit hours at GT-Shenzhen. Afterward, they have the possibility of studying at GT-Shenzhen, GT-Europe, or GT-Atlanta and completing their Georgia Tech degree program.

Students who conclude their Georgia Tech degree program at GT-Shenzhen or GT-Europe may participate in the graduation ceremony in Atlanta if they secure a proper U.S. visa (such as a tourist visa).

Graduate program information for the GT-Europe campus located in Metz, France can be found here. Students applying for an exchange to the GT-Europe campus must be in good academic standing (MS ECE students must have 2.7+ GPA, and MS CS students must have 3.0+ GPA printed on their GT transcript). Students must also be in good disciplinary standing. GT-Shenzhen will perform checks of this status before the exchange.

Exchange students studying at the GT-Europe campus should plan to enroll in 9-12 credit hours of course work each spring or fall semester and pay the applicable GT-Europe tuition and fees. Graduate courses are not available at the GT-Europe campus during the summer

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To apply for an exchange to the GT-Europe campus, GT-Shenzhen MS ECE and MS CS students should email or, respectively, (deadlines below) with the following information: Name, GTID, and which semester(s) the student wishes to study in France.

The GT-Shenzhen office will verify the student’s academic and disciplinary records and refer the student to the GT-Europe office for further review and coordination of the study plan, visa and logistical matters.

Application Deadlines:

June 1
Fall Semester
November 1
Spring Semester


Exchange students to GT-Europe must be aware of the following:

(i) At the time of the exchange request, the earned credit hours and the GPA as shown on the transcript must meet the exchange requirements.

(ii) Tuition and fees will be invoiced to students at the end of Phase II registration. They are given two weeks to pay by wire transfer in dollars or classes will be canceled.

(iii) Visa application process typically takes 3 months prior to the student’s departure date and consists of three steps: Campus France (EEF)France-visas online applicationVFS Global in-person appointment. However, to begin your Campus France application you need an “Official Acceptance Letter” written in French on GT-Europe letterhead. Please reach out to GT-Shenzhen to refer you to staff at GT-Europe. Please note visa application cannot be submitted more than 90 days prior to departure. Note that while GT-Shenzhen students may exchange to GT-Europe, the decision to grant the French visa or not resides with the visa officer after an in-person interview.

(iv) Concerning housing at GT-Europe, international students live in Residence Edouard Branly. Students will be provided a dorm as soon as they submit their application form for accommodation. Please contact GT-Europe to discuss the logistics of your plan to study at GT-Europe.

(v) If you are an international student at GT-Atlanta, it is your responsibility to check with OIE in order to determine whether you can keep the same visa when returning to the US or you will need a different visa.

(vi) It is also the student’s responsibility to work with GT Housing and Residence Life to initiate a cancellation, due to study abroad reasons. To apply for this cancellation (penalty free) for an upcoming term, please complete the request form to submit with your housing cancellation. Deadlines apply.