Exchange to GT-Atlanta for MS CS Program

Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science (CS) students who matriculate through GT-Shenzhen must spend their first two semesters at GT-Shenzhen. Afterward, they have the possibility of studying at GT-Shenzhen or GT-Europe, or GT-Atlanta and completing their degree program. Students who complete the entire Georgia Tech degree program in Shenzhen may participate in the graduation ceremony in Atlanta if they secure a proper U.S. visa (such as a tourist visa).

Students applying for the exchange to the GT-Atlanta MS CS program must have a Georgia Tech GPA of 3.5 or above (out of 4.0) and be in good disciplinary standing. GT-Shenzhen will perform multiple checks of this status before the exchange to ensure conformity to the exchange criteria.

GT-Shenzhen MS CS students have the following options if pursuing an exchange to GT-Atlanta:

  1. Complete the first 18-24 credit hours in Shenzhen and study in Atlanta the following fall or spring semester.
  2. Complete the first 15 credit hours in Shenzhen and study in Atlanta during the following fall & spring or spring & fall semesters.


  • Of the credit hours completed in Shenzhen, a minimum of 12 credit hours must be in CS/CSE.
  • For those applying for fall semester exchange, earned credit hours and GPA will be checked for exchange eligibility once spring semester grades have been posted to the student’s transcript. For those applying for spring semester exchange, earned credit hours and GPA will be checked for exchange eligibility once summer semester grades have been posted to the student’s transcript.

Due to space limitations in the GT-Atlanta MS CS program, the opportunity to exchange to GT-Atlanta is not guaranteed. Only the most outstanding students will be offered space for a two-semester exchange at GT-Atlanta. Students may apply for a two-semester exchange but granted space for a one-semester exchange at GT-Atlanta; such students can return to GT-Shenzhen to complete the remaining credit hours needed for graduation.

The GT-Atlanta CS graduate office will conduct a holistic review of the student’s credentials including previous academic records especially curricular background in CS-related courses, performance in the GT-Shenzhen MS CS program, as well as the GT-Atlanta MS CS program capacity and decide whether the student will be granted the opportunity to exchange and if so, the space for one-semester or two-semester exchange.

To apply for the exchange, the MS CS student should email before the following deadlines with the information: Name, GTID, resume and a completed MS CS exchange application form

Fall Exchange May 12
Spring Exchange August 12

Exchange students travel to Atlanta on an F-1 student visa and pay the applicable Atlanta campus tuition and fees. Their I-20 document must reflect the intended duration of stay and the financial resources required. F-1 visa holders should maintain full-time student registration of 12 credit hours or more during a spring or fall semester in Atlanta. Students sponsored by a foreign government or institution may only travel to the U.S. on a J-1 visa. See the GT Office of International Education (OIE) for more details. On-campus dormitory space is generally not available to exchange students during the fall or spring semester.

Note that while GT-Shenzhen students may exchange to GT-Atlanta, the decision to grant the U.S. visa or not resides with the visa officer.

Students with an F-1 visa may arrive in the U.S. 30 days before the start of the semester and may remain in the U.S. for 60 days following the completion of the degree program.