According to the U.S. News & World Report’s 2022 the Georgia Institute of Technology’s internship program ranks among the highest in the nation. This is attributed to Georgia Tech’s rigorous curriculum, practical education, and strong ties to industry. GT-Shenzhen is constantly identifying, building, and maintaining strong relationships with multiple organizations.

We host industry seminars and invite alumni and leaders from the industry to give interactive Tech talks. Our students have performed internships in companies like SF Express, UBTech, PingAn Technology, etc. We also have collaborations with local startups and VCs to promote innovation and entrepreneurship education.

Thanks to our excellent location close to various high-tech clusters in Shenzhen, GT-Shenzhen students will have ample opportunities to pursue internships. GT-Shenzhen students who are Chinese citizens can work part-time on internships during a semester when taking classes.

International students wishing to gain industry experience while taking classes can only do so with an unpaid internship. GT-Shenzhen students can take a semester off to engage in a full-time internship in Shenzhen, but only after completing a semester of full-time study at GT-Shenzhen.

Those who work full-time on internships should complete the Graduate Internship Program application  (in addition to instructions below) to obtain enrollment in INTN 6012 – SHZ “Graduate Internship Program”, a 12-credit hour non-tuition bearing course to maintain full-time student status. Upon satisfactory completion of the internship, a grade of “V” will appear on the student’s transcript.

This grade will not enter into the student’s GT GPA calculation, and the credits earned will not contribute to the degree requirements. All graduate internships must also be related to the student’s major.  At the end of the work semester, each student will download a blank performance evaluation for the supervisor to complete and return to the GT graduate internship advisor.

Finally, each student will log into GT CareerBuzz to complete the required work forms. Students who only engage in part-time internships should not register for this course.

Companies offering internships will hold face-to-face interviews with prospective interns. The program cannot assist with internship arrangements before the student has enrolled in the GT-Shenzhen program. The decision to hire an intern resides with the company and is strongly correlated with the student’s academic record and interview performance. GT-Shenzhen cannot guarantee internship placement for every student who desires an internship experience.

  • Spring and fall are regular semesters. Students cannot work for more than 20 hours per week on an internship or other employment during the spring or fall semester.
  • An exception to the above is for students who have completed at least 2 semesters and 18 credit hours at GT-Shenzhen and wish to engage in a full-time internship by registering for INTN 6012.
  • INTN 6012 course is not applicable for the following situations:
       (1) Students who take at least one GT class in a semester.
       (2) Students who engage in a (full-time) internship during the summer semester.
       (3) Students who graduate in the same term.
  • International (non-Chinese) students cannot engage in an internship outside of Shenzhen any time of the year.
Docusign Required Signatures:
  • See the GT Career Buzz application (deadlines apply) instructions in addition to the instructions below.
  • Line 1: Student’s name
  • Line 2: See below for student’s home “Dept/Grad Coordinator” AND set as the 2nd signature in the “signing order”. The department will answer ALL required questions on the form.
  • Line 3: Set GT-Shenzhen as the “Faculty Advisor” AND 1st signature in the “signing order”. GTSZ must approve before the academic department.
  • Include a copy of your offer letter in the Docusign request. Be sure your employment dates follow the guidelines listed here; if not, we will not be able to sign off on the form.
  • Follow the GT Career Center instructions and see our DocusignHelp page for assistance.
  • The GT Registrar will enroll students in the course before the end of registration.


Major School Line 2:
Dept/Grad Coordinator

Line 3:
Faculty Advisor/GT-Shenzhen Manager

MSECE Tasha Torrence Chelcea Warren

Ben Johnson

Chelcea Warren
MID Troy Whyte Chelcea Warren
MSA Harry Sharp Chelcea Warren
MSENVE TBD Chelcea Warren