Coulter Scholarships

To assist Georgia Tech US citizen students to take advantage of the GT – Shenzhen graduate program, the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation is pleased to offer a number of Coulter Scholarships to GT graduate or BS/MS program students to enroll or switch campus to the GT-Shenzhen graduate program for one or more semesters. The Coulter Scholarship award amount is $3,000 (one time only).

To be eligible, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

(i) The applicant is a U.S. citizen;

(ii) The applicant is a GT graduate student or BS/MS program student in good academic and disciplinary standing; this includes newly admitted graduate students;

(iii) The student’s current GPA is 3.25 or above.

Interested students should apply in the semester prior to the semester of study at GT-Shenzhen.

Specific application deadlines are:

June 1 Fall Semester
November 1 Spring Semester
March 15 Summer Semester

Applicants should submit a 2-page essay (in .pdf format) to the program administrator by the application deadline.

The essay should include:

(i) Your name, GTID, email, phone, major, advisor;

(ii) a description of your unique characteristics and capabilities, outstanding achievements, leadership, service, etc,

(iii) a statement of why you are interested in the scholarship and what you hope to gain from the study abroad experience.