Academics – Master of Industrial Design

MS ID Academics
The Master of Industrial Design (MID) degree consists of two years of study. It is made up of three components of required coursework: Program Core Courses, Graduate Electives, and Master Thesis or Project.

To complete the MID, students must pass all required courses, complete a minimum of 16 credit hours of approved elective coursework, and take a minimum of 12 credit hours of Master Thesis or Project Work – these requirements will amount to a minimum of 48 credit hours for degree completion.

Program Core Courses

Required program core courses consist of the core studio and lecture-based classes that all students in the MID program complete.

Graduate Electives

Graduate electives are courses chosen by the student and/or advisor. Graduate level electives offered each semester will vary, but students can explore elective courses based on their areas of interest or exploration and can choose MID program electives or electives offered by other Georgia Tech Shenzhen graduate level programs.

With the versatility that electives can provide, students often choose to build specialization in an area of interest, or in areas that might provide additional support for thesis work. Please keep in mind that electives offered outside of the MID program electives must have prior approval.

Master Thesis or Project

All MID students complete either a Master Thesis or Master Project. This is a scholarly project conducted over the course of two semesters into a theoretical or applied design problem.

Thesis/Project work is performed under the supervision of a faculty advisor and culminates in a defense presentation of the work.