Degree Requirements – Master of Industrial Design

The Master of Industrial Design (MID) is a two-year program. MID students must pass all required courses, complete a minimum of 16 credit hours of approved elective coursework, and take a minimum of 12 credit hours of Master Thesis or Project Work – these requirements will amount to a minimum of 48 credit hours for degree completion.

Below are the MID program degree requirements and credit hour breakdown. Electives listed are examples of tentative MID program electives.

Program Core Courses (20 Credit Hours)
ID 6100 – Introduction to Graduate Studies in Industrial Design (3)
ID 6101 – Human Centered Design (3)
ID 6211 – Graduate Studio I (4)
ID 6216 – Service Design, Brand and Value Creation (3)
ID 8803 – Intro to Thesis Studies (3)

Select one:
ID 6212 – Grad Studio II: Health and Wellness (4) OR
ID 6213 – Grad Studio II: Interactive Products (4)

Graduate Electives (minimum of 16 credit hours)
Select 16 credit hours of approved elective coursework. These electives may be graduate level electives offered through the MID program (industrial design electives) or other Georgia Tech departments.

Tentative Industrial Design Elective Offerings (see coursework planning page for list of industrial design elective offerings)
ID 6104 – Rapid Visual Design
ID 6105 – Brand and Visual Design
ID 6107 – Integrated Product Design

Master Thesis or Project Requirements (minimum of 12 credit hours)
Select one of the following:
ID 7000 – Master’s Thesis (12) OR
ID 6400 – Master’s Project (Non-Thesis) (12)

Total Credit Hours: 48 (minimum required for degree completion)