Video Course

Video Classes from GT-Atlanta

Video classes originate from GT-Atlanta. Because of the 12-hour (summer, fall) or 13-hour (spring) time difference between Shenzhen and Atlanta, video classes are delivered to GT-Shenzhen asynchronously; that is, you download the video course materials from the GT server to your computer and view the materials offline.

Accessing video lectures for the video courses that you have registered for:
You can log into Canvas, click the “Classroom Recordings” link under Course Tools to access the video lectures.

The professor will determine due dates for assignments. To account for the amount of time it takes to post the video course content to the Canvas portal following each in-class lecture in Atlanta, the professor can allow a couple of days of delay in homework submission for video students. Final exams for GT-Shenzhen video courses will conclude by the last day of the semester so GT-Shenzhen students enrolled in a video course can still graduate that semester.

Use a scanner to scan your homework and then upload to Canvas. You can use the scanner in the GT-Shenzhen office.

For homework, you will need to log into Canvas and upload your assignment to your course drop box. Graded Homework will be returned to your drop box for you to view and print out. No email is sent announcing that graded work has been uploaded for you.

An exception to uploading homework to Canvas is if your professor gives the instructions that your homework is to be submitted to them in another way.

Exams are proctored by GT-Shenzhen staff. Proctors are the ONLY individuals that can submit exams. You are not allowed to have possession of the exam at any time except when taking it. As a student if you submit or retain an exam you have violated the GT Honor Code and may be subject to disciplinary action.

You will receive confirmation via Canvas upon successful submission. If you do not receive a confirmation first check with your proctor and then check with GT-Atlanta Distance Learning Office.

Graded exams that the GT Distance Learning Office receives will be uploaded to Canvas in your course drop box for you to view. If you do not see your graded exam after a reasonable period of time has passed please contact the professor to see if he/she returns graded exams. Professors are not required to return the actual graded work, only the grade.

Copyright of video course materials. Contents included in the Georgia Tech online courses are copyrighted with all rights reserved by Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). The course materials are protected by copyright, trademark, patents or other proprietary rights and laws. Students cannot share, sell, or transfer any of the contents or provide any such information, techniques, or material to any third party for any reason.

Students cannot use the video course contents in publication or presentation materials without explicit written permission from the instructor. Violation of any of the above can lead to termination of the student’s enrollment at Georgia Tech. By Thursday of the 2nd week of each semester, students must submit to the GT-Shenzhen office, signed copyright forms for each of the video classes that they take.