PDO Course List

GT – Shenzhen PDO Course List

All GT-Shenzhen PDO courses mirror the courses listed on the GT-Shenzhen MS ECE program website. To sign up for PDO courses, students must complete a Non-Credit Course Agreement Form for each course, prior to registration. Please submit the form in English to GT-Shenzhen.

Please see the bottom of your registration page on how to access your course content via Canvas https://canvas.gatech.edu/. PLEASE READ the Canvas instructions and FAQs on how to setup your Dashboard to review course content, etc.

SPRING 2021 PDO Courses

Start date: January 14, 2021; End date: May 6, 2021

ECE 6510 “Electro-Optics”
Instructor: Prof. Wenshan Cai

ECE 6515 “Nanophotonics”
Instructor: Prof. Wenshan Cai

ECE 6601 “Random Processes”
Instructor: Prof. Min Luo

ECE 7141 “Advanced Digital Systems Test”
(ECE 7141 RSL must accompany this registration)
Prof. David Keezer

CS 6440 “Intro Health Informatics” (online course with in-person recitations)
Course Instructor: Prof. Jon Duke
Recitation Instructor: Mr. Fandi Peng

CS 7637 “Knowledge-Based AI” (online course with in-person recitations)
Course Instructor: Prof. David Joyner
Recitation Instructor: Mr. Fandi Peng

ECE 6254 “Statistical Machine Learning” (via streaming video)
Instructor: Prof. David Anderson

ECE 6270 “Convex Optimization” (via streaming video)
Instructor: Prof. Mark Davenport

ECE 6552 “Nonlinear Systems and Control” (via streaming video)
Instructor: Prof. Samuel Coogan

ECE 6553 “Optimal Control and Optimization” (via streaming video)
Instructor: Erik Verriest

ECE 6602 “Digital Communications” (via streaming video)
Instructor: Prof. John Barry

ECE 6612 “Computer Network Security” (via streaming video)
Instructor: Prof. Frank Li

Each course earns 3.0 CEUs (continuing education units). The course titles have (NonCredit) in them to emphasize that the enrollees are non-degree students at the moment. The CEUs are “credits” for professional education. Once the student becomes a degree seeking student at GT-Shenzhen, up to 9 CEUs can be transferred to the degree program to account for degree credit.  Please see https://pe.gatech.edu/transcript-request-form to request transcripts two weeks after the end of the semester.