GT-Shenzhen PDO Courses

GT-Shenzhen PDO courses mirror the courses listed on the GT-Shenzhen MS ECE program website as much as possible. Once accepted, please visit this page to set up a GTPE user account. To sign up for a PDO course, students must complete a Non-Credit Course Agreement Form before receiving a registration link. Please complete the entire form in English (include your GT ID#) and email Mr. Yizhan Chen. Repeat the process if you have course changes. PDO students can only take one course per semester unless they have already met the English proficiency requirement for the intended GT degree program.PLEASE READ the Canvas instructions and FAQs to set up your Dashboard and review the course content, announcements, etc.  

Tentative Fall 2022 PDO Courses
Start date: August 22; End date: December 16

CourseCourse TitleMajor Restriction(s)Instructor
CEE 6310Process Principles in Environmental Engineering– Prof. Wenlong Zhang
CEE 6311Microbial Principles in Environmental EngineeringProf. Jianfeng Zhou
CEE 6312Chemical Principles in Environmental EngineeringProf. Wenlong Zhang
CSE 6040Computing for Data Analysis: Methods and Tools– Prof. Mengmeng Liu
ECE 6607Computer Communication NetworksProf. Min Luo
ID 6100Introduction to Graduate Studies in Industrial DesignIDProf. Ameersing Luximon
ID 6211Graduate Studio OneIDProf. Ameersing Luximon
 ISYE 6501Introduction to Analytics Modeling Requires MSA permitProf. Xiaoming Huo
ISYE 6669Deterministic OptimizationProf. Yuang Chen
 Via Streaming Video  
 Course Course TitleMajor Restriction(s)  Instructor
ECE 6100Advanced Computer Architecture
= CS 6290 High Performance Computer Architecture
ECEProf. Callie Hao
ECE 6122Advanced Programming Techniques
(ECE 6122 QSL must accompany this registration)
– Prof. Jeffery D. Hurley
ECE 6550Linear Systems and Controls– Prof. Yorai Wardi

(Courses are subject to change.)

Each course earns 3.0 CEUs (continuing education units). The course titles have (NonCredit) in them to emphasize that the enrollees are non-degree students at the moment. The CEUs are “credits” for professional education.

Once the student becomes a degree-seeking student at GT-Shenzhen, up to 9 CEUs are transferable to the degree program to account for degree credit. Two weeks after the end of the semester, you may visit this page to request your transcript. Please include your full name, GTID#, and specify the term(s) and course numbers.