GT-Shenzhen PDO Courses

GT-Shenzhen PDO courses mirror the courses listed on the our MS ECE program website as much as possible. Once accepted, please set up a GTPE user account.

To sign up for a PDO course:

  1. Students must complete a Non-Credit Course Agreement Form before receiving a registration link. ONE FORM PER COURSE.
  2. Please TYPE the entire form in English (include your GT ID#).
  3. Follow the sample of Non-Credit Course Agreement Form “GeorgeBurdell_ECE6100_FA23“.
  4. Rename the file in the format of “LastNameFirstName_Course#_Semester”.
  5. Email the form to Repeat the process if you have course changes.
  6. Update us if you change your email address at any time.

A PDO student is only allowed to enroll in one or two courses per semester unless they have met the English proficiency requirement for the intended GT degree program. PDO students are not allowed to enroll in more than 3 courses total before being admitted into the GT-Shenzhen Master’s degree program.

PLEASE READ the Canvas instructions and FAQs to set up your Dashboard and review the course content, announcements, etc.   

Advanced Standing/Transfer Credit

Two weeks after the end of the semester, you may visit this page to request your transcript. Include your full name, GTID#, and specify the term(s) and course numbers. 

Once the student becomes a degree-seeking student at GT-Shenzhen, up to 9 CEUs are transferable to the degree program to account for degree credit (will not count toward your GPA). Forward your transcript to the appropriate department for processing after registration closes; include your full name, GT ID number.  Please see our FAQ page for information regarding the timeline and how to review the credits.

Spring 2024 PDO Courses

Start date: January 8  |  End date: May 2

Course Title Major Restriction(s)  Instructor(s)
CEE 4360 Energy and Resource Recovery Prof. Jianfeng Zhou
CEE 6314 Fundamentals of Environmental Modeling and Mathematics Prof. Wenlong Zhang
CEE 6324 Water Supply and Sanitation Prof. Hang Dong
CEE 6331 Biological Processes Prof. Jianfeng Zhou
CEE 6343 Membrane Processes Prof. Wenlong Zhang
CEE 6345 Sustainable Engineering Prof. Jianfeng Zhou
CEE 6350 Advanced Environmental Chemistry Prof. Wenlong Zhang
CEE 6790 Air Pollution Physics and Chemistry Prof. Armistead Russell
CSE 6242 Data and Visual Analytics¹ Prof. Mengmeng Liu
ECE 6270 Convex Optimization Prof. Bolin Gao
ECE 6456 Solar Cells Prof. Mohamed Aly Saad Aly
ECE 6515 Nanophotonics Prof. Wenshan Cai
ECE 6551 Digital Control Prof. Bolin Gao
ECE 6601 Random Processes Prof. Min Luo
ISYE 6230 Economic Decision Analysis Prof. Yuang Chen
ISYE 6644 Simulation Prof. Enlu Zhou
ISYE 6669 Deterministic Optimization Prof. Yuang Chen
MGT 6203 Data Analytics in Business Prof. Lei Xu

(Courses subject to change.)

1. MSA students: You need to take CSE 6040 first and then CSE 6242.
    MS CS students: You can take CSE 6040 for general knowledge, but you cannot use it towards the MS CS degree requirements.
    Other students: You may use CSE 6040 as elective.

Each course earns 3.0 CEUs (continuing education units). The course titles have (NonCredit) in them to emphasize that the enrollees are non-degree students at the moment. The CEUs are “credits” for professional education.