General Information

The MS Computer Science (MSCS) curriculum is structured to be completed with a total of 30 credits over 3 semesters (typically).

Program Rules

  • GPA – Students must achieve a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 to graduate, and no course grades below C will be allowed to count toward graduation. All grades labeled below as core and elective courses within your specialization must be B or better.
  • No graduate credit will be given for CS courses with a number lower than 4140.
  • A maximum of 6 hours may be taken at the 4000-level and/or with a subject code other than CS or CSE.
  • Pass-Fail and Audit – All courses applied to the M.S. CS degree must be taken for letter grade.
  • The maximum total credit hours of Special Problems (CS or CSE 89xx) that may be applied toward the M.S. CS degree is 3. These courses must be within the CoC.
  • There is no maximum number of Special Topics (CS or CSE 88xx) courses that may be used towards the degree.
  • Each student must complete the requirements for one specialization.

More info

 Degree Requirements -Course Option

  • 30 hours of course work (no M.S. project or thesis hours)
  • Total course credit hours required: 30
  • Minimum CS/CSE course credit hours: 24
  • Minimum CS/CSE course credit hours at the graduate (6000-8000) level: 24
  • Minimum total credit hours at the 6000-8000 level: 24


Tentatively, students in the GT-Shenzhen MSCS program may choose from four areas of specialization.

  • Computational Perception & Robotics
  • Computing Systems
  • Interactive Intelligence
  • Machine Learning

Tentative Courses Offerings (subject to change)

Specialization in Computational Perception and Robotics

(15 hours)

1 from CS 6515 Introduction to Graduate Algorithms
1 from CS 6601 Artificial Intelligence
CS 7641 Machine Learning
3 from Perception and Robotics, with at least 1 from each


CS 6475 Computational Photography

CS 7495 Computer Vision


CS 7638 Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Robotics

CS 7639 Cyber Physical Design and Analysis

Specialization in Computing Systems

(18 hours)

1 from CS 6515 Introduction to Graduate Algorithms
2 from CS 6210 Advanced Operating Systems
CS 6250 Computer Networks
CS 6290 High-Performance Computer Architecture
CS 6300 Software Development Process
CS 6400 Database Systems Concepts and Design
3 from CS 6035 Introduction to Information Security
CS 6200 Graduate Introduction to Operating Systems
CS 6262 Network Security
CS 6263 Intro to Cyber Physical Systems Security
CS 6291 Embedded Software Optimizations
CS 6310 Software Architecture and Design
CS 6340 Software Analysis and Testing
CSE 6220 High-Performance Computing 

Specialization in Interactive Intelligence

(15 hours)

1 from CS 6300 Software Development Process
CS 6515 Introduction to Graduate Algorithms
2 from CS 6601 Artificial Intelligence
CS 7637 Knowledge-Based AI
CS 7641 Machine Learning
2 from CS 6440 Introduction to Health Informatics
CS 6460 Educational Technology: Conceptual Foundations
CS 6750 Human-Computer Interaction

Specialization in Machine Learning

(15 hours)

1 from CS 6515 Introduction to Graduate Algorithms
1 from CS 7641 Machine Learning
3 from CS 6476 Computer Vision
CS 7642 Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making
CS 7646 Machine Learning for Trading
CSE 6242 Data and Visual Analytics
CSE 6250 Big Data for Health
ISYE 6420 Bayesian Methods