Your GT Computer Account

  • GT Email: You are required to check your email regularly – all official notifications are sent to your email address on Passport.
  • To activate your GT computer account go to
    Click “I need to activate my GT account” and enter information.
  • Once your account is activated, the same username and password will allow you to log into
    GT Email | Canvas | Buzzport | GT Library | Oscar and many other GT computing services.
  • Buzzport Basics Video
  • The GT email account is the primary method the institute uses for communicating with students. The institute expects students to check this email regularly. If you have NOT used your GT email account for 3 months, the account will be locked up.
  • Logging into OSCAR:
    Go to click Secured Access Login, enter your GTID and PIN.
    Your original PIN is your date of birth in mmddyy format, which you must change upon your first entry to the system.