GT – Shenzhen PDO Course List SP21

GT – Shenzhen PDO Course List

All GT-Shenzhen PDO courses mirror the courses listed on the GT-Shenzhen MS ECE program website. To sign up for PDO courses, students must complete a Non-Credit Course Agreement Form for each course, prior to registration. Please submit the form in English to GT-Shenzhen.

Please see the bottom of your registration page on how to access your course content via Canvas PLEASE READ the Canvas instructions and FAQs on how to setup your Dashboard to review course content, etc.

SPRING 2021 PDO Courses

Start date: January 14, 2021; End date: May 6, 2021

ECE 6510 “Electro-Optics”
Instructor: Prof. Wenshan Cai

ECE 6515 “Nanophotonics”
Instructor: Prof. Wenshan Cai

ECE 6601 “Random Processes”
Instructor: Prof. Min Luo

ECE 7141 “Advanced Digital Systems Test”
(ECE 7141 RSL must accompany this registration)
Prof. David Keezer

CS 6440 “Intro Health Informatics” (online course with in-person recitations)
Course Instructor: Prof. Jon Duke
Recitation Instructor: Mr. Fandi Peng

CS 7637 “Knowledge-Based AI” (online course with in-person recitations)
Course Instructor: Prof. David Joyner
Recitation Instructor: Mr. Fandi Peng

ECE 6254 “Statistical Machine Learning” (via streaming video)
Instructor: Prof. David Anderson

ECE 6255 “Digital Processing of Speech Signals” (via streaming video)
Instructor: Prof. Chin-Hui Lee

ECE 6270 “Convex Optimization” (via streaming video)
Instructor: Prof. Mark Davenport

ECE 6552 “Nonlinear Systems and Control” (via streaming video)
Instructor: Prof. Samuel Coogan

ECE 6553 “Optimal Control and Optimization” (via streaming video)
Instructor: Erik Verriest

ECE 6602 “Digital Communications” (via streaming video)
Instructor: Prof. John Barry

ECE 6612 “Computer Network Security” (via streaming video)
Instructor: Prof. Frank Li

Each course earns 3.0 CEUs (continuing education units). The course titles have (NonCredit) in them to emphasize that the enrollees are non-degree students at the moment. The CEUs are “credits” for professional education. Once the student becomes a degree seeking student at GT-Shenzhen, up to 9 CEUs can be transferred to the degree program to account for degree credit.  Please see to request transcripts two weeks after the end of the semester.