GT-Shenzhen Lodging Options

Student Lodging:

GT-Shenzhen offers furnished dormitory options for students. It is approximately 3.6 km from our transitional campus.
Housing Management: Youtha Apartment – Liuxiandong Branch (有巢公寓留仙洞店)

Quick Facts:

  • Not mandatory.
  • Room types: double occupancy & single occupancy
  • Limited single rooms are available for students with medical concerns.
  • Charges: rent, utilities, and potential fees related to cleaning, damage, or loss.
  • You need to prepare your own bedding.
  • Elevator: Yes


* Rates show as of June 2021 and are subject to change.
*Students pay utilities directly to vendors on their apps.

Room Facilities:


  • Some rooms may have a different configuration due to design differences and and renovations.
  • Bed size: 1.2m x 2.0m

Community Facilities:

Youtha Apartment provides a variety of community facilities for multi-purposes, allowing students to study, discuss, work out, and take rest.

  • Lounge
  • Movie area
  • Kitchen
  • Baking area
  • Laundry room
  • Reading area
  • Billiard table
  • Gaming room
  • Parcel lockers

Online shopping delivery address:
Building X, Youtha Apartment
No.81, Liuxiancun Road, Xili Subdistrict, Nanshan District
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
ZIP: 518055

81 号有巢公寓X 号楼


  • The nearest subway station: Line 5 Xingdong Subway Station 兴东地铁站
  • The nearest bus stop: Liuxiandong Industrial Area 留仙洞工业区站
  • We provide shuttle bus for our students to and from Youtha Apartment and campus.

Lodging Application:

  • The Shenzhen office will send out your housing application form and other lodging info prior to the beginning of each semester via email; please keep up with your inbox.
  • Only students who enroll in courses for a particular semester at GT-Shenzhen are eligible for housing during that semester.
  • You will be required to pay for the accommodation for the entire period you have applied, even if you arrive later than the start date or leave prior to the end date. Check-in time may vary each semester.
  • If approved for housing, you will receive a confirmation and rental invoice. Please follow the instructions in that email to make payments.

Lodging for guests:

If you expect visitors and need recommendations for hotels, the following are some options:

  • Atour Hotel (Vanke Cloud City) 深圳南山万科云城亚朵酒店. The hotel is just next to our campus.
  • Huaxuanli Hotel (Shenzhen Science and Technology Park) 华轩里酒店(深圳科技园店), This hotel is about 15-min walk from our campus.

If they desire a fancier hotel, there are plenty of options that they can review on Travelocity, Expendia or CTrip. Our campus is in Vanke Cloud City (Chinese: 万科云城, Pinyin: Wan Ke Yun Cheng).

GTSI Residence Tour:

Welcome to GTSI! In case you wonder, here’s a GTSI residence tour showcasing the basics of settling in. Take a few minutes to check it out. We look forward to having you with us in Shenzhen, and wish you a smooth beginning and an enjoyable stay!

Dormitory Photos:

Bunk BedBunk Bed

Desk & ChairDesk & Chair

Open wardrobeOpen Wardrobe





Billiard tableBilliard Table

Kitchen areaKitchen


Parcel lockerParcel Locker

Package pickup stationPackage Pickup Station