Course Offerings for Spring 2024 Semester

On-site classes: January 8 – April 23  |  Video classes: January 8 – May 2

Course Course Title Major Restriction(s) Instructor(s)
CEE 4360 Energy and Resource Recovery Prof. Jianfeng Zhou
CEE 6314 Fundamentals of Environmental Modeling and Mathematics Prof. Wenlong Zhang
CEE 6324 Water Supply and Sanitation Prof. Hang Dong
CEE 6331 Biological Processes Prof. Jianfeng Zhou
CEE 6343 Membrane Processes Prof. Wenlong Zhang
CEE 6345 Sustainable Engineering Prof. Jianfeng Zhou
CEE 6350 Advanced Environmental Chemistry Prof. Wenlong Zhang
CEE 6790 Air Pollution Physics and Chemistry Prof. Armistead Russell
CS 6035 Introduction to Information Security Prof. Changlai Du & Prof. Wenke Lee
CS 6300 Software Development Process
(online course with in-person recitations)
CS Prof. Alessandro Orso & Recitation Instructor: Chi Chung “Marcus” Chan
CS 6400 Database Systems Concepts and Design Prof. Mengmeng Liu
CS 6460 Educational Technology: Conceptual Foundations
(online course with in-person recitations)
Prof. David Joyner & Recitation Instructor: Fandi Peng
CS 6515 Introduction to Graduate Algorithms Prof. Gerandy Brito & Prof. Mengmeng Liu
CS 6750 Human-Computer Interaction Prof. David Joyner & Recitation Instructor: Fandi Peng
CSE 6242 Data and Visual Analytics¹ Prof. Mengmeng Liu
ECE 6270 Convex Optimization Prof. Bolin Gao
ECE 6456 Solar Cells Prof. Mohamed Aly Saad Aly
ECE 6515 Nanophotonics Prof. Wenshan Cai
ECE 6551 Digital Control Prof. Bolin Gao
ECE 6601 Random Processes Prof. Min Luo
ID 6101 Human-Centered Design ID Prof. Ameersing Luximon 
ID 6104 Rapid Design Visualization Prof. Steve Chininis
ID 6107 Interactive Product Design Prof. Ameersing Luximon 
ID 6213 Grad Studio Two: Interactive Products ID Prof. Steve Chininis
ID 6403 Intro to Thesis Studies ID Prof. Ameersing Luximon 
ID 8803 Special Topics: Pro. Practices in ID Prof. Steve Chininis
ISYE 6230 Economic Decision Analysis Prof. Yuang Chen
ISYE 6413 Design and Analysis of Experiments Prof. Jeff Wu
ISYE 6644 Simulation Prof. Enlu Zhou
ISYE 6669 Deterministic Optimization Prof. Yuang Chen
ISYE 6748 Applied Analytics Practicum Prof. Joel Sokol & Prof. Xiaoming Huo
MGT 6203 Data Analytics in Business Prof. Lei Xu
Via Streaming Video
CS 6200 Graduate Introduction to Operating Systems CS Prof. Ada Gavrilovska
CS 6210 Advanced Operating Systems CS Prof. Umakishore Ramachandran
CS 6262 Network Security CS Prof. Wenke Lee
CS 6310 Software Architecture and Design CS Prof. Mark Moss
CS 6475 Computational Photography CS Prof. Irfan Essa
CS 6476 Introduction to Computer Vision GR CS Prof. Irfan Essa
CS 6601 Artificial Intelligence CS, ANLT Prof. Thad Starner
CS 6675  Advanced Internet Computing Systems and Applications CS Prof. Ling Liu
CS 6747 Advanced Topics in Malware Analysis CS Prof. Brendan Saltaformaggio
CS 7637 Knowledge-Based AI CS, ANLT Prof. David Joyner
CS 7638 Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Robotics CS, ECE Prof. Jay Summet
CS 7641 Machine Learning CS, ANLT Prof. Theodore LaGrow
CS 7643 Deep Learning CS, ANLT Prof. Zsolt Kira
CS 7646 Machine Learning for Trading CS, ANLT Prof. David Joyner
CS 8803 Global Entrepreneurship No ECE Profs. Mike Best & Keith McGreggor
ECE 4270 Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing Prof. David Anderson
ECE 6001 Technology Entrepreneur²
(ECE 6001 RSL and RS1 must accompany this registration)
Prof. Gregory Mihalik & Mr. Fandi Peng
ECE 6250 Advanced Digital Signal Processing Prof. David Anderson
ECE 6255 Digital Processing of Speech Signals Prof. Biing H. Juang
ECE 6323 Power System Protection
(ECE 6323 QSL must accompany this registration)
Prof. A.P. Meliopoulos
ECE 6331 Power Electronic Circuits Prof. Maryam Saeedifard
ECE 6553 Optimal Control Prof. Yorai Wardi
ECE 6560 Partial Differential Equations in Image Processing and Computer Vision Prof. Anthony Yezzi 
ECE 6602 Digital Communications Prof. John R Barry
ECE 6612 Comp Network Security ECE Prof. Wenke Lee
ECE 6747 Advanced Topics in Malware Analysis ECE Prof. Brendan Saltaformaggio
MGT 8803 Introduction to Business for Analytics ANLT Prof. Marc Wechsler

(Courses are subject to change.)

1. MSA students: You need to take CSE 6040 first and then CSE 6242.
MS CS students: You can take CSE 6040 for general knowledge, but you cannot use it towards the MS CS degree requirements.
Other students: You may use CSE 6040 as elective.

2. ECE 6001 is required for MS ECE students and will be offered each fall and spring semesters.