Chinese Student’s US Visa Delays

Chinese Student’s US Visa Delays / Switch Matriculation to GT-Shenzhen

For newly admitted Chinese graduate students to the School of ECE at Georgia Tech (Atlanta campus), if you are experiencing excessive delays with your US visa application process and you are concerned that you may not be able to matriculate into GT-Atlanta by the start of the Fall semester, you may consider switching your matriculation campus to GT-Shenzhen so you can make progress towards your degree requirements or towards your PhD coursework qualifier requirements (if you wish to pursue ECE PhD studies in the future).

Because you were initially admitted to the GT-Atlanta campus, we will waive the minimum 2-semester requirement for studying at GT-Shenzhen and you can spend as short as one semester at GT-Shenzhen and subsequently switch to GT-Atlanta after you’ve obtained the US visa. If for US visa or other reasons you decide to remain at GT-Shenzhen to complete the MS ECE program, you are welcome to do so.

For Fall 2020, the deadline to request to switch your matriculation to GT-Shenzhen campus is 7am on Monday August 3, Atlanta time. To make the request, please email the following information: Your name, GTID, telephone number, and that you request to switch your Fall 2020 matriculation campus from GT-Atlanta to GT-Shenzhen.

Once we receive your request, we will coordinate with the ECE Graduate Office and Georgia Tech’s Office of Graduate Studies on the necessary paperwork and processes to honor your request. The GT-Shenzhen office will not be able to assist with any switch campus request after the above date/time.

If you have a GRA or GTA offer from GT-Atlanta, the offer will NOT transfer over to GT-Shenzhen. You are expected to pay the GT-Shenzhen tuition and fees as described here, which are significantly lower than at GT-Atlanta.

Please be aware that in this early stage of GT-Shenzhen operations, course offerings at GT-Shenzhen are as not as abundant as GT-Atlanta but MS ECE students only need to take 2-4 courses in a semester. Please keep the MS ECE degree requirements in mind when making course choices. Note that there is an inherent breadth requirement with the GT graduate degree program which means before you graduate, you are expected to choose some courses that are outside of your intended technical interest area. You can also choose non-ECE courses to meet the elective component of the MS ECE degree requirements. Academic advising will be available during the first week of the semester and later during the semester as well.

GT-Shenzhen offers on-campus dormitory at a nominal cost. Please contact Mr. Zhiya Wang (Tel: +86 18664594112) regarding dorm and other local logistical matters.

Additional information about GT-Shenzhen and the MS ECE degree program (such as the FAQ) can be found on our official website.