FAQs for GT-Shenzhen Fall 2020 Freshman Cohort

(Information is subject to change without notice; please check back often)

Q: I am not a Chinese citizen. Can I take the FA20 GT-Shenzhen freshman cohort option?
A: Only if you do not need a visa to travel to China. Due to the complications of obtaining a visa to China, especially during COVID-19, this option will not be made available to those students who require a visa to enter China.

Q: If I receive my U.S. visa in the middle of the fall semester, can I still go to Atlanta and participate in the courses in Atlanta?
A: No. On your I-20, there is a “Program Start Date”. You are expected to arrive by the program start date on the I-20 in order to participate in fall semester courses in Atlanta. Students arriving within 15 days of the fall program start date can request support with a late arrival by completing the “Arrival Confirmation” e-form in iStart.

Q: If I take the FA20 GT-Shenzhen freshman cohort option, should I request a new I-20?
A: Yes, you will need to request a new I-20 with the Spring 2021 Program Start Date, if you plan to study at GT-Atlanta in Spring 2021. It takes time for the GT Office of International Education (OIE) to generate a new I-20 and mail to you. Please take such time into consideration when planning your visa application process.

Q: If I succeed in obtaining the U.S. visa in time to attend GT-Atlanta in Fall 2020 but I am concerned about the level of COVID-19 exposure in the U.S. at that time, can I request an I-20 for Spring 2021 and come to Atlanta in Spring 2021 after spending the Fall 2020 semester at GT-Shenzhen?
A: In this case, you will need to apply to the OIE to defer your Fall 2020 I-20 and obtain a new I-20 for entry for Spring 2021. You will be eligible to enter the U.S. thirty days before the spring semester start date.

Q: Do I have the option of taking classes remotely from home during the Fall 2020 semester?
A: Yes, you will need to register for the designated remote delivery section of the course. If you take the remote delivery option, you may enjoy the more comfortable living condition and family support at home but not the peer interactions that come with on-campus living. You will be paying the same tuition and fees whether you take classes remotely from home or if you come to the GT-Shenzhen campus to take classes in the “flipped classroom” format.

Q: If I defer admission to Spring 2021, will I encounter difficulty with my degree progress because I am “out of sync” with other students at GT-Atlanta?
A: Please check the website for your degree program and look for information on curriculum, degree requirement, prerequisite diagram and typical schedule, or related topics. Most programs allow students to progress at slightly different pace. Some programs are less flexible than others in terms of how often certain courses are taught – for example, some upper level courses are only taught either in the fall or only in the spring, making scheduling challenging if you are out of sync with the majority of the students. Pre-requisites for undergraduate classes are hard-wired into the registration system, thus it maybe smoothest if you complete certain pre-requisites “on-schedule”.

Q: How will the academic calendar be like for the Fall 2020 semester at GT-Shenzhen?
A: The academic calendar at GT-Shenzhen will follow that of GT-Atlanta, except that GT-Shenzhen will observe the national holidays in China (for example, the October 1-7 Chinese National Day holiday). GT-Shenzhen will coordinate with GT-Atlanta instructors to ensure compatibility of exam schedules and assignment due dates in consideration of holidays.

Q: Will there be an orientation session after I arrive at the GTSI campus?
A: Yes. There will be small group campus walking tours as students arrive and settle into their dorms. There will be a program orientation session for all students at the beginning of the first week of classes.

Q: What is the dormitory like?
A: A typical dorm room measures 23 square meters (248 sqft) and is double occupancy. There is a bathroom with a shower within each dorm unit. The room is furnished with basic furniture. See photo. There is a student activities area and laundry facilities on the 1st floor of the dorm building. The dorm building is by proxy card access 24/7. Resident managers are on-site 24/7.

Q: Will I be able to access GT-Atlanta online resources?
A: Yes, you will have a GT student account, VPN, access to GT emails, Canvas (course management portal), GT Library, GT licensed software etc.

Q: What is the deadline for signing up for the FA20 GT-Shenzhen freshman cohort option?
A: August 10th, 2020.

Q: What does the GT-Shenzhen campus look like?
A: Please see our building photos here.