New Campus in China! Georgia Tech Ready to Start New Campus in Shenzhen, China

On January 18th, Bud Peterson, President of Georgia Institute of Technology, Xu Qin, Mayor of Shenzhen and Li Jiajun, President of Tianjin University, signed a memorandum for a specialized institute in the city of Shenzhen. The new program will serve as a continuation of Georgia Tech- Shenzhen program, which currently provides a M.S. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and exchange opportunities for students in China and U.S. In the future, Georgia Tech- Shenzhen will provide undergraduate and graduate degrees in Automation Control, Computer Science, Micro-electronics, Software Studies, Communication Engineering etc. After the new campus is established, it is expected to be about 1200 students from all over the world coming to Shenzhen and become a member of Georgia Tech’s global alumni.


“Georgia Tech already offers in Shenzhen a top quality Master degree program in Electrical and Computer Engineering taught by our faculty who come from Atlanta on a rotating basis.” said Dr. Yves H. Berthelot, Vice Provost for International Initiatives. When asked for his outlook of this newly launched program, he said: “We are very excited at the prospect of extending our partnership with Tianjin University. Georgia Tech sees Shenzhen as the perfect fit because it is such an entrepreneurial, high tech giant in Asia.”

Shenzhen is an emerging city in southern China, and is famous for high-technology industries and manufacturing-oriented enterprises. It is recognized as one of the most exciting and energetic cities in China.

Course Offerings for Fall 2016 Semester

On-site classes: August 22 – November 5
Video classes: August 22 – December 15

ECE 4751 “Laser Theory & Application”

Fulfills: Elective requirement

Instructor: Prof. Ali Adibi

Textbook:D. O’Shea, W.R. Callen and W. Rhodes, An Introduction to Lasers and Their Applications, Addison-Wesley, 1977.

ISBN: 0201055090 (recommended)

ECE 6412 “Analog Integrated Circuit Design”

Fulfills: ECE graduate level course requirement, TIA = Electronic Design & Applications

Instructor: Prof. Gabriel Rincon-Mora

Textbook: G. Rincon-Mora, Analog IC Design – An Intuitive Approach (4th edition), Lulu, 2015.

ISBN: 9781312145665

ECE 6500 “Fourier Techniques and Signal Analysis”

Fulfills: ECE graduate level course requirement, TIA = any (use as a “wild card” course)

Instructor: Prof. Ali Adibi

Textbook: R. Bracewell, The Fourier Transform and Its Application (3rd edition), McGraw Hill, 1999.

ISBN: 0073039381

ECE 6520 “Integrated Optics”

Fulfills: ECE graduate level course requirement, TIA = Optics & Photonics

Instructor: Prof. Ali Adibi

Textbook: C. Pollock and M. Lipson, Integrated Photonics, Springer, 2003.

ISBN: 1402076355

ECE 6122 “Advanced Programming Techniques for Engineering Applications” (via streaming video)

Fulfills: ECE graduate level course requirement, TIA = Computer Systems and Software

Instructor: Prof. George Riley

Textbook: Handouts provided electronically via class website

ECE 6258 “Digital Image Processing” (via streaming video)

Fulfills: ECE graduate level course requirement, TIA = Digital Signal Processing

Instructor: Prof. Ghassan AlRegib

Textbook: None required

ECE 6320 “Power Systems Control and Operation”  (via streaming video)

Fulfills: ECE graduate level course requirement, TIA = Electrical Energy

Instructor: Prof. Sakis Meliopoulos

Textbook: Provided electronically via class website

ECE 6550 “Linear Systems and Controls” (via streaming video)

Fulfills: ECE graduate level course requirement, TIA = Systems and Controls

Instructor: Prof. Erik Verriest

Textbook: T. Kailath, Linear Systems, Prentice-Hall, 1980.

ISBN: 0135369614

ISYE 6650 “Probabilistic Models” (via streaming video)

Fulfills: Elective requirement for MS in ECE

Instructor: Prof. Sigrun Andradottir

Textbook: S. Ross, Introduction to Probability Models, Eleventh Edition (11th edition), Academic Press, 2014.

ISBN: 0124079482

MATH 6701 “Math Methods of Applied Sciences I” (via streaming video)

Fulfills: Elective requirement for MS in ECE

Instructor: Prof. Xu-Yan Chen

Textbook: D. Zill and W. Wright, Advanced Engineering Mathematics (4th or 5th edition), Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2012.

ISBN: 1449691722


Travel Information

Travel Information


Please make your own airfare arrangements for studying at GT-Shenzhen. The closest international airports are Hong Kong (HKG) and Guangzhou (CAN). Shenzhen Airport (SZX) is a domestic airport with daily direct flights to most large Chinese cities. You can check with your favorite airline, travel agent, or online services such as Travelocity, Expedia. Some travel consolidators specialize in Asian travel and may offer significantly discounted airfares to Shenzhen.

Once in China, it will be easy to make domestic travel arrangements via CTrip, which is the Chinese equivalent of Travelocity or Expedia. The GT-Shenzhen office can help with ticket ordering and delivery for visiting international students.

We have made arrangements with a reputable visa service in Houston to serve your visa needs. Please email if you have any questions about your visa application or your passport/visa situation is more complicated

Registration with the embassy – for your safety and protection.

Visa Application

Your visa application package should consist of:

  • Current, valid, and actual passport. The passport must have at least six (6) months of validity left and at least one blank page left.
  • One completed visa application form and photo. (Please be sure to use the new visa form version v.2013 ( You must type your answers on the form. The only handwritten part is your signature and the date.)
  • One completed job description form (if working with a company prior to admission)
  • Payment
  • Documents that GTSI provided for your X1 visa application
  • Other documents that are required by your local Chinese Consulate

Please note that X1 visa is usually issued for one entry. Students with X1 visa must register at local public security bureau within 30 days of arrival, where the Chinese Residence Permit will be issued to replace X1 visa.

Register With U.S. Consulate

The nearest U.S. Consulate to Georgia Tech-Shenzhen is located in Guangzhou, China. The Consulate is able to provide services to U.S. citizens, including passport requests.
During an emergent situation, American citizens should contact the after hours calling number for American citizen-related emergencies at (010) 8531-4000 and (011-86-10) 8531-4000 from the U.S. For non-emergencies, individuals may seek information on U.S. Citizen Services on the Embassy’s website:

U.S. Citizens Services Guangzhou
Address: 43 Hua Jiu Road, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China 510623
(020) 3814-5775, within China
(011-86-20) 3814-5775, from the U.S.
Fax: (86-20) 3814-5572

If you travel to Honk Kong and are in an emergency, please call 2523-9011 or visit Emergency Contact Information for U.S. Citizens The website for U.S. Citizens Services in Honk Kong is:

Address: 26 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 2841-2211(office hours); 2523-9011(after office hours)
Fax: 2845-4845

Students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents can create an account and enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP, to get travel advisory updated for both Guangzhou and Hong Kong. You’ll need to sign up to receive updates for both locations separately.


Health Information for Travelers to East Asia

Georgia Tech Health Services Medical/Travel Clinic

Georgia Tech – Shenzhen Media Briefing on April 23, 2014

On April 23, 2014, a six-person Georgia Tech delegation led by President Bud Peterson visited Shenzhen and held a media briefing to formally announce the Georgia Tech – Shenzhen Master of Science program in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE).

The Georgia Tech event was blessed with strong support from the US Consulate General in Guangzhou, the Shenzhen Municipal Government, and the American Chamber of Commerce.

Consul General Jennifer Galt of the US Consulate General in Guangzhou delivered the opening remarks in fluent Chinese (video of the speech; transcript of the speech in Chinese; speech content in English). She emphasized that an investment in cooperative education programs between the U.S. and China is an investment that pays dividends for all of us. These programs bridge language barriers, open lines of communication, and connect people in both immediate and lasting ways. Georgia Tech’s program in Shenzhen is thus another terrific step forward in continuing to build relations between the United States and China. She was joined by a number of consular staff members at the event.

Mr. Guohui Gao, Deputy Secretary-General of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, gave his remarks (video of the speech; speech in Chinese). He commented that the opening of the Georgia Tech program in Shenzhen is a fruitful outcome of the friend-city agreement between Shenzhen and Atlanta that was entered into a couple of years earlier. Shenzhen is a high tech city but lacks higher education resources thus Georgia Tech’s presence is highly appreciated by the government of Shenzhen.

President Bud Peterson’s speech outlined what the Georgia Tech program is about (video of the speech; speech in English; speech translated into Chinese). It was followed by remarks given by Vice Provost for International Initiatives Yves Berthelot who provided further details about the program (video of the speech; speech in English; speech translated into Chinese).

Mr. Harley Seyedin, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in South China, and a recent recipient of the “Peace through Commerce Medal” originally initiated by Thomas Jefferson in 1790 when he was the first Secretary of State of the United States. Mr. Seyedin is among fewer than 20 individuals who have received this Medal since its inception. He remarked that if Mr. Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he would probably rename the Medal “Peace through Education and Commerce” emphasizing the important role that education plays in building a peaceful world. In terms of meeting industry demands, Mr. Seyedin strongly believes that the Georgia Tech – Shenzhen graduates will be highly sought after by multinational companies. Watch the video of Mr. Seyedin’s exuberant speech.

Dr. Bin Lu, Director, Eaton Corporate Research & Technology – China delivered his remarks from the perspectives of an industry partner as well as a Georgia Tech alum.
Georgia Tech produces the largest number of women engineers in the United States and women engineering students are highly cherished at Georgia Tech. Three former and one incoming Georgia Tech female engineering students joined Director of Georgia Tech – Shenzhen, Professor G. Tong Zhou, all wearing pink sunglasses, in a call for women students to pursue studies in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Women students are warmly welcome to join the Georgia Tech – Shenzhen family (video; content of speech).
A Q/A session followed at the end of the media briefing.

In attendance were also the following Shenzhen Municipal government leaders: Dr. Jian Lu, Director-General, Shenzhen Science, Technology and Innovation Commission; Ms. Yurong Guo, Director, Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau; Ms. Xuan Qiu, Deputy Director-General, Shenzhen Science, Technology and Innovation Commission; Mr. Jianling Xu, Director, Higher Education Division of Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau; Zhijun Huang, Director, Shenzhen Internationalization Promotion Committee.
Dr. Wenping Hu, Assistant President of Tianjin University, industry partner representatives from China Construction Bank, Cypress Semiconductor, DTS, Eaton, Guangdong Solid State Lighting Industry Innovation Center, Shanghai Bell, ZTE, as well as a number of Georgia Tech alumni also attended the event.