In the USA, Georgia Tech has been ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the #1 school in terms of engineering by top-rated by companies recruiting new hires. This is attributed to Georgia Tech’s rigorous curriculum, practical education, and its strong ties to industry.

Thanks to our excellent location in the heart of the Shenzhen High Tech Industry Park, GT – Shenzhen students will have ample opportunities to pursue internships with a variety of companies that are within walking distance to the GT classrooms. GT-Shenzhen students who are Chinese citizens can work part-time on internships during a semester that they are taking classes. International students wishing to gain industry experience while taking classes can only do so with an unpaid internship. GT-Shenzhen students can take a semester off to engage in a full-time internship in Shenzhen or elsewhere, but only after completing a semester of full-time study at GT-Shenzhen.

Those who work full-time on internships should register for COOP 6012 “Graduate Co-op Work Assignment”, a 12-credit hour non-tuition bearing course to maintain full-time student status. Upon satisfactory completion of the co-op work assignment, a grade of “V” will appear on the student’s transcript. This grade will not enter into the student’s GT GPA calculation and the credits earned will not contribute to the degree requirements. All graduate co-op work assignments must also be related to the student’s major.  At the end of the work semester, each graduate co-op student is asked to download a blank performance evaluation for the supervisor to complete and return to the GT graduate co-op advisor. Finally, each student is asked to log into GT’s P2D2 website to complete a work report. Students who only engage in part-time internships should not register for COOP 6012.

Companies offering internships will hold face-to-face interviews with prospective interns. The program is not able to assist with internship arrangement before the student has enrolled in the GT-Shenzhen program. The decision to hire an intern or not resides with the company and is strongly correlated with the student’s academic record and interview performance. GT-Shenzhen cannot guarantee internship placement for every student who desires an internship experience.

Georgia Tech’s Partners on Internships in Shenzhen (the list is in alphabetical order and is still growing!)

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