Information for Incoming First Year Students from China

Option to Study at Georgia Tech – Shenzhen in Fall 2021

(Information is subject to change without notice; please check back often)

Georgia Tech (GT)’s Fall 2021 (FA21) semester is scheduled to start on August 23. Depending on when the U.S. consulates will resume student visa services in China, it is possible that a significant number of Chinese students will not be able to obtain their U.S. visa in time to report to GT-Atlanta by the “Program Start Date” printed on their I-20.

During the Fall 2021 semester, Georgia Tech will host a cohort of first year students on the Shenzhen campus of Georgia Tech, also known as GTSI (Georgia Tech Shenzhen Institute) so that impacted first year students who do not need a visa to begin studies in China can still make degree progress as they wait for their U.S. visa approval. These students are expected to continue their studies at GT-Atlanta in Spring 2022.

We describe here what the first year cohort at GT-Shenzhen may look like. Some details are subject to change depending on composition of the cohort.

Course Choices 

ENGL 1101 “English Composition I” (3 credits)                ENGL 1101 general information

CS 1301 “Introduction to Computing” (3 credits)               CS 1301 online version

CS 1331 “Intro to Object-Oriented Programming” (3 credits) CS 1331 sample syllabus

CS 1371 “Computing for Engineers” (3 credits)                 CS 1371 sample syllabus

MATH 1551 “Differential Calculus” (2 credits)                  MATH 1551 general information

MATH 1552 ” Integral Calculus” (4 credits)                        MATH 1552 general information

MATH 1554 “Linear Algebra” (4 credits)                            MATH 1554 general information

PHYS 2211 “Introductory Physics I” (4 credits)                  PHYS 2211 sample syllabus

PHYS 2212 “Introductory Physics II” (4 credits)                 PHYS 2212 sample syllabus

HIST 2112 “United States since 1877” (3 credits)             HIST 2112 sample syllabus

ECON 2105 “Principles of Macroeconomics” (3 credits)  ECON 2105 sample syllabus

PSYC 1101 “General Psychology” (3 credits)                       PSYC 1101 sample syllabus

APPH 1040 “Sci Foundation of Health” (2 credits)            APPH 1040 sample syllabus

GT 1000 “First-Year Seminar” (1 credit)                               GT 1000 sample syllabus

Course CRN


  • All courses will be conducted in English. Course grades and credits will automatically appear on your Georgia Tech transcript.
  • The above courses are highlighted because most of them are required for graduation. Please review the Georgia Tech Core Curriculum as well as the degree requirements of your planned major.
  • Please visit the website of your major School to find out about the degree requirements. Under the Academics tab, you should find information on the undergraduate curriculum. Look for the page describing the curriculum map which can also go by the term “study plan”, “flow chart”, “4-year plan”, “8-semester schedule”, etc. Or, you can start from this page.
  • It is important to understand the concept of pre-requisite. The pre-requisites for the above listed courses can be found here.
  • If you take MATH 1550 “Introduction to Differential Calculus” during the summer iGniTe program, you can proceed to taking MATH 1552 in the fall.
  • You may be granted MATH credit from the AP, IB, or A-level exam. Here is the page on Advanced Placement Credit for Georgia Tech MATH courses.
  • MATH 1553 “Introduction to Linear Algebra” is a lighter version of MATH 1554 “Linear Algebra”. Even though some majors only require MATH 1553, MATH 1554 can be used towards the degree requirements where MATH 1553 is indicated.
  • CS 1331 is a second course for CS majors. If you have credits for CS 1301 or CS 1371, you can take CS 1331.

Since you will not be in U.S. F-1 visa status during the fall semester, no minimum credit hour requirement will be imposed. However, we recommend that you take approximately 15 credit hours during the fall semester in order to be on track for your degree program.

Mode of Course Delivery for FA21 Freshman Cohort at GT-Shenzhen

GT 1000 will be taught in Shenzhen with some interactions with GT-Atlanta. We plan to adopt a “flipped classroom” model in the offering of MATH 1551, MATH 1552, MATH 1554, CS 1301, CS 1331, and CS 1371 courses – read about the flipped classroom (or blended) pedagogical approach here and here. Students will review lecture materials via (asynchronous) remote delivery from GT-Atlanta followed by structured studio or recitation sessions in person in the GTSI classroom during pre-scheduled time slots for review of key concepts, discussions and problem solving sessions. The in-person sessions for the MATH courses are called studios and participation is required. Quizzes will be conducted during the MATH studio sessions and account for part of the course grade. The in-person sessions for the CS courses are called recitations and participation is highly recommended but not required; recitations are non-billable and do not yield credit. All other classes will be via remote delivery from GT-Atlanta. PHYS 2211 and PHYS 2212 courses will have dedicated facilitators assigned for the Shenzhen time zone. The PHYS courses come with labs that are done online. A tutoring lab will be set up at GT-Shenzhen to be staffed by GT-Shenzhen graduate students.

Students are strongly encouraged to select courses from the above menu choices. Dedicated sections will be set up for the above 14 courses to facilitate on-site studio or recitation, exams proctoring, coordination with the instructor or communication with the university administration in Atlanta. There will be additional courses available for remote delivery from GT-Atlanta – you can register for those courses but it will be beyond our ability to support the students locally in Shenzhen beyond the above listed 14 courses.

We offered the Shenzhen Freshman Cohort program in Fall 2020 which ran very smoothly. Even though many of the courses were by remote delivery from Atlanta, students enjoyed the in-person interactions, the events and student activities on campus, and the outstanding support from our staff members.

Peer tutoring for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and MATH) and ECON classes will be available as an online option from GT-Atlanta in Fall 2021. Peer-Led Undergraduate Study (PLUS) sessions can be arranged for high enrollment courses.

Campus Facilities

In July 2021, GTSI will move to a new transitional campus located at Building 6, Shenzhen International Innovation Valley, Dashi First Road, Nanshan District 南山区打石一路深圳国际创新谷6栋. We are located in the northern part of the Nanshan District, close to many high tech companies. Our transitional campus occupies floors 3-7 of this new office building.

GTSI has contracted with Youtha Apartments to provide housing for GTSI students. Single and double occupancy options will be available. Each unit measures 28-32 square meters (301-345 square feet). The location is 南山区西丽街道留仙村路81号有巢公寓. It is approximately 4 km (2.5 miles) from the GTSI transitional campus. Students can decline this option and stay elsewhere.

Tuition & Fees

During the Fall 2021 semester, you will be classified as a GT-Atlanta student, not a GT-Shenzhen student. You will be paying the regular GT-Atlanta out-of-state tuition in the amount of $9,308 for 6 or less credit hours or $15,685 for 6+ credit hours, directly to the GT Bursar in Atlanta, via the GT student portal. Mandatory student fees will also be assessed by the GT Bursar in Atlanta.

Academic Advising 

We will offer general advising during a virtual town hall meeting on date/time TBD Beijing time. Please also plan to attend a FASET orientation session where you will receive individual academic advising.

Important Considerations

GTSI is currently in a transitional campus with adequate facilities to meet the educational needs of the students. A new 16.2-hectare (40-acre) campus for GTSI is being planned and may be built in 3-4 years’ time. Because GTSI is still a young organization, it does not have all the amenities of the GT-Atlanta campus or the full range of services that GT-Atlanta students enjoy. Nevertheless, GTSI is a close-knit community with relatively small class sizes and staff members who go out of their way to support students. We offer this as an option to those students who will not be able to attend Atlanta as planned in Fall 2021 due to visa or other challenges. Deferred enrollment at GT-Atlanta is possible under certain conditions – please read the relevant information here.

Contact Us

Undergraduate admissions office: Email

GT-Shenzhen Office:

For questions on GTSI local logistical matters, please call during normal business hours, +86 (755) 3688-1006, Ext. 315, Ms. Huang


FAQ page for Fall 2021 GT-Shenzhen freshman cohort.