Georgia Tech – Shenzhen PDO Course List

All GT-Shenzhen PDO courses mirror the courses listed on the GT-Shenzhen MS ECE program website. To sign up for the PDO courses, please follow the links below and register via the GTPE website.

Fall 2015 PDO Courses (August 17– December 11):

ECE 6140 “Digital Systems Test”
ECE 6558 “Stochastic Systems”
ECE 6562 “Autonomous Control of Robotics Systems”
ECE 7141 “Advanced Digital Systems Test”
ECE 8813 “Special Topics: Power IC Design”
CSE 6740 “Computational Data Analytics”
ECE 6122 “Advanced Programming Techniques”
ECE 6258 “Digital Image Processing”
ECE 6550 “Linear Systems and Controls”
ISYE 6650 “Probabilistic Models”
MATH 4261 “Mathematical Statistics I”
MATH 4305 “Topics in Linear Algebra”

Each course earns 3.0 CEUs (continuing education units). The course titles have (NonCredit) in them to emphasize that the enrollees are non-degree students at the moment. The CEUs are “credits” for professional education. Once the student becomes a degree seeking student at GT-Shenzhen, up to 9 CEUs can be transferred to the degree program to account for degree credit.