FAQ on Admission

FAQ on Admission

      • Q: Can I apply to both GT-Atlanta and GT-Shenzhen?
        A: Georgia Tech allows you to have up to two open applications per semester. All applications are specific to the program. So if you’d like to apply to more than one program, you should use the online application system. With the first application, create a user ID and password. Once you complete it, you may return to our website (www.grad.gatech.edu) and submit an entirely new application using the same user ID and password created for the original. Please note that a nonrefundable application fee is required for each application.
      • Q: I have previously applied to GT-Atlanta, and have just learned about the GT-Shenzhen program. Can I transfer my application from GT-Atlanta to GT-Shenzhen?
        A: We can transfer your GT-Atlanta application to GT-Shenzhen within the same discipline. For example, if you had applied to GT-Atlanta ECE, but want to switch to GT-Shenzhen ECE, we can transfer your application. Please email us your first name, last name, GTID, your planned enrollment term for GT-Shenzhen (Spring, Summer or Fall), and your application reference number, we will then coordinate the transfer of your application. See contact emails below for application transfer:

        • MS Analytics: gtshenzhen-msa@nullisye.gatech.edu
        • MS CS: gtshenzhen@nullcc.gatech.edu
        • MS ENVE: gtshenzhen@nullce.gatech.edu
        • MS ECE: gtshenzhen@nullece.gatech.edu

        On the other hand, if you had applied to GT-Atlanta Computer Science (in the College of Computing)  for example, but want to be considered by GT-Shenzhen ECE instead, your online application cannot be switched over, and you will need to complete a new online application and pay another online application fee. We can retrieve the TOEFL, GRE scores and the transcripts from your first application however so you only need to contact ETS for one set of scores and submit one set of transcripts.

      • Q: How should I estimate my GPA since my university does not report course performance using the letter grade basis?
        A: Unless your university specifies a different conversation table on your transcript, you can use the following conversion rule. On a 100-point scale, Score of 85-100: grade=A (4.0 point); Score of 75-84: grade=B (3.0 point); Score of 60-74: grade=C (2.0 point); Score of 0-59: grade=F (0 point). Note: There is not a D grade in the above conversion. Here is an explanation on how to calculate your GPA.
      • Q: The Registrar’s Office at my university offers two options for transcripts: one that does not display the GPA, one that does. Which option should I take?
        Take the option that does NOT display the GPA. We will calculate your GPA “in-house” at Georgia Tech. Most Chinese universities do not take into account all courses in the GPA calculation (such as omitting the elective courses), so the GPA shown on the transcript is usually different from the GPA that Georgia Tech would arrive at. Georgia Tech counts all courses shown on the transcripts, except for pass/fail courses, in the GPA calculation.
      • Q: The GPA entered for me in the OSCAR system is lower than what my university said my GPA is. Could you please use the GPA as determined by my university?
        Georgia Tech evaluates all international transcripts in-house. We use a 4.0 scale whereas your university may use a different scale. If using the conversion method as described above, you arrive at a very different GPA, you can let us know.
      • Q: My undergraduate university has a reputation for grading harshly. Do you use different grade conversion tables for different universities?
        A: Unless your university specifies a different conversion table on the transcript, Georgia Tech uses the grade conversion method described above for Chinese university transcripts.
      • Q: My university gives GPA on the 3.3 point basis, and mine is 2.7. Should I enter 2.7 as my current GPA?
        A: Please use the guideline described above to re-calculate your GPA on the 4.0 basis and supply with your online GT application. The GT Graduate Admissions Office will calculate again to verify your GPA once they receive the official transcripts.
      • Q: Do you include elective courses in the GPA calculation?
        A: Except for courses that are graded on the pass/fail basis, all other courses (including elective courses) shown on your transcript are included in the GPA calculation.
      • Q: My university reports some of our grades on the letter grade basis. Do you convert those letter grades?
        A: If your university uses the A, B, C, D, F letter grade system, we will use those grades “as is” in calculating the GPA. If your university uses the A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-,D+, D, D-, F letter grade system, we will convert (A+, A-) to A, (B+, B-) to B, (C+, C-) to C, and (D+, D-) to D, before calculating the GPA.
      • Q: I took the TOEFL / GRE test in October and asked ETS to send my official score reports to GT. Now it is already January and it seems you still have not received my official score report. 
        A: ETS sends TOEFL and GRE score reports electronically to GT which are then written into the GT applicants database. If there is any mismatch between the information you provided to GT and the information you provided to ETS (for example, the spelling of your name or the incorrect order of your first name vs. last name), the TOEFL or GRE scores will not be written to your record. If it has been at least 6 weeks since you have received ETS’ confirmation that they have sent your TOEFL or GRE score reports but those scores have not shown up on your GT record, you should search the Graduate Studies FAQs. If you cannot find an answer to your question, you may email grad.ask@nullgrad.gatech.edu your full name, GT ID#, appointment number and test date to request search. You may upload a scanned copy of your TOEFL/GRE score report with this information. We cannot grant admission based on photocopy or scanned copy of TOEFL/GRE score reports.
      • Q: My TOEFL / GRE score will expire after 1 year. Can I apply now for the next year (not this year’s) program?
        A: You can apply as soon as the GT online graduate application interface has included your targeted semester in the enrollment term pull-down menu. Make sure that you request for ETS to send your score reports to GT before they expire. Exam results more than two years old cannot be considered. Exam may be taken multiple times, with only the highest score being considered. Once the scores are received by GT and written into our database, we can then evaluate your application and make admission decisions.
      • Q: My referee is having trouble accessing the online letter of recommendation.
        A: Once you “submit,” the email is automatically sent giving the link and a request from you to complete the recommendation. If you or your respondent have technical difficulty with the online letter of recommendation system, please contact CollegeNet directly at the following email address: help@nullapplyweb.com. It may be necessary to provide CollegeNet with your user id and/or the name of the applicant or respondent.
      • Q: Can my referee send you the recommendation letter by email or air mail?
        A: No. All referees must complete the online reference. See the Graduate School’s answer here.
      • Q: Should I submit ranking certificate to enhance my chance of gaining acceptance into the GT-Shenzhen program?
        A: For admission into the program, we mainly look at your GRE/TOEFL scores, GPA, recommendation letters and personal statement; ranking certificate is not required. If you wish to be considered for scholarships, you must submit original, official ranking certificate to our GT-Shenzhen office in Atlanta – see Contact Us page.
      • Q: I am an applicant to the GT-Shenzhen program. I made a mistake on my application (applied for the wrong term / selected the PhD program instead of the MS program / swapped my first name and last name / …)  Who should I contact to get the problem resolved?
        A: To make a correction to an online application that has already been submitted, please write an email
        To: GT-Shenzhen
        Subject: GT-Shenzhen Application
      • Q: What is the likely process after I have applied?
        A: After we have received all required information on your application, we will be able to proceed with admission decisions. For those applicants that we have complete information on, we will strive to make admission decisions within 6-8 weeks after all application materials (online application, recommendation letters, official TOEFL/GRE scores) are received by Georgia Tech. You may email informing us that your application is complete.
      • Q: How do I submit my response to a GT-Shenzhen admissions offer?
        A: Please complete the form on your application via GT online graduate application interface.
      • Q: If I get accepted by GT-Shenzhen, can I turn down the application if my plans change?
        A:  Yes, you have the option to accept or decline the GT-Shenzhen offer by a certain date.
      • Q: I have encountered some application trouble or have other general questions that are not covered by this FAQ. What should I do?
        A: Send an email us with your first name, last name, last four digits of your application/GT ID (xxxxxx000), telephone number(s) where you may be reached, and a detailed description of the problem that you have encountered, attaching a screen-shot if possible. We will then respond with an email or phone call.

        • MS Analytics contact: gtshenzhen-msa@nullisye.gatech.edu
        • MS CS contact: gtshenzhen@nullcc.gatech.edu
        • MS ENVE contact: gtshenzhen@nullce.gatech.edu
        • MS ECE contact: gtshenzhen@nullece.gatech.edu