Exchange to GT-Atlanta After 3 Semesters at GT-Shenzhen (AILP)

Atlanta Immersion & Leadership Program (AILP) :

  1. After a GT-Shenzhen student has complete all required coursework for the GT MS ECE degree (typically over 3 semesters), he/she has the option to participate in an 8-week long “Atlanta Immersion and Leadership Program” on an F-1 visa. In addition to 8 weeks of classes, the student can arrive up to 30 days prior to the official start of the I-20, and depart up to 60 days after the official end of the I-20 (grace period). Thus the total duration of the US stay can be 4-5 months.
  2. It is possible to extend the F-1 visa by registering for a 2nd (3rd … if necessary) immersion session taking different classes in each session. F-1 students must register for 4 courses each session.
  3. The AILP has lower cost than the cost of attending a regular academic semester in Atlanta since the courses taught on the AILP are non-degree courses.
  4. Tuition & fees for AILP is estimated to be around $3,000 which includes:
  • Tuition for 4 (professional education / non-degree) courses
  • I-20 fee
  • Campus health services fee
  • Medical insurance
  • Organized program activities: Leadership Challenge Course, excursions / site visits, etc

5.  Lodging cost is additional. On-campus dormitory can be arranged for the summer and sometimes for the spring as well. Students will have to stay off-campus if coming during the fall                         semester.

6.  What you may do on AILP besides taking the 4 courses:

  • Language immersion; improve communication skills in English
  • Culture immersion: both American culture and GT culture
  • Get to know GT professors or visit prospective PhD programs in other US universities
  • Travel & leisure during the 60-day grace period following the 8 weeks of study

Program Courses:

  1. Course dates (using 2015 as example)
  • Spring: Jan 11 – March 4
  • Summer: Jun 1 – August 5
  • Fall: Aug 22 – Oct 14

2.  Non-degree courses:

  • Advanced Academic Speaking
  • Business Case Analyses
  • Cross-Cultural Communication 1
  • Service Learning


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