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GT degrees are conferred 3 times a year, at the end of spring (May), summer (August), or fall (December).  If you are a GT single degree student, you should submit your degree petition paperwork in the semester prior to your graduation semester. If you are a GT-Tianjin University (TU) double MS degree student, your GT MS degree will be granted after your TU MS degree has been granted. For example, if you expect to receive your TU MS degree in January, you should submit your GT degree petition paperwork by mid November, so you may receive the GT MS degree in May. An official confirmation from TU is needed before we can clear GT-TU double MS degree students for graduation from GT.

There are several levels of review of your degree petition materials; lead time is built in to ensure that your degree petition package will be submitted in a timely fashion and is “error-free”. The first review is by our Program Coordinator Ms. Chelcea Warren. After taking into account her review feedback, you will then submit any corrected forms to Ms. Warren within approximately 2 weeks. Ms. Warren will take care of submitting your finalized degree petition packet to the ECE Graduate Office. Failure to adhere to the stated deadlines may result in you not being able to graduate during the intended term.

Graduation Term

Email Degree Petition Packet to Ms. Warren
for Review

Finalized Degree Petition Emailed to Ms. Warren

Online OAG Window

Spring (May)

November 15

December 1

Sept 1 – Jan 15

Summer (August)

April 15

May 1

Jan 22 – May 20

Fall (December)

July 15

August 1

Jan 22 – August 26

GT ECE MS Degree Petition Packet

The ECE Graduate Handbook has very detailed instructions about the degree petition process and how the forms should be filled out (see the section under GRADUATION). Read all instructions very carefully. Incomplete or incorrectly filled out degree petitions may result in you not being able to graduate during the intended term. Keep a copy of your submitted degree petition materials for your file.

Required Item #1: Graduate Petition for Degree Form

Download the Graduate Petition for Degree / Program of Study Form. Follow the instructions on the first page to complete the form on the second page. Except for the signature and date, the rest of the form must be typed, not handwritten. All ECE classes should be marked with an “X” in the “X if Major Field” column.  Anything marked with an “X” should be counted in the “Course Hrs in Major Field” total under Section 2C. Delete the instructions page before submission, and print the completed form in landscape mode (horizontally). Sign and date the form. This form must be consistent with the Coursework Planning Form that you have provided.
Sample Graduate Petition for Degree Form
Sample Coursework Completion Form

Required Item #2: Online Application for Graduation (OAG)

Follow the OAG instructions. You will need to put some thought into the Diploma Mailing Address required for the OAG. The diploma will be sent from to you by regular mail and you may receive it in China 2-3 months after the degree date. Our experience is that the Chinese postal system may not be reliable in delivering the large diploma packaged in a tube, and the printing company that produces the diplomas only uses regular mail through the postal service. If you have family or friends in the US, we highly recommend that you use their US address to receive your diploma, and have them take care of sending the diploma to you perhaps using an express mail service. Alternatively, you can use Ms. Chelcea Warren’s address to receive your diploma, with the understanding that it may be a few months later when one of our faculty members brings the diplomas to our Shenzhen office. If you need it more urgently, you will have to pay for the express mailing cost yourself. If you or a friend plans to visit Atlanta in the near future, you can also have Ms. Warren hold the diploma for pick up. Ms. Warren’s address for diploma mailing is: c/o Chelcea Warren, 777 Atlantic Dr., School of ECE, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA 30332-0250, USA.

Delay in Graduation

Sometimes a student cannot graduate as planned. For example, Student A had planned to graduate in December but received a D grade in one of his courses during the fall. He will have to take another course in the spring and earn a grade of C or above and maintain an overall GPA of 2.7 or above in order to graduate. As another example, Student B enrolled in the program as a GT-TU double MS student. He had planned to graduate from TU in January and from GT in May, but there is a delay in his TU thesis research and he won’t be able to receive the TU MS degree until July. He will need to petition for the GT MS degree in August in that case.

As soon as you are aware that your GT MS degree needs to be delayed, please inform Ms. Chelcea Warren to cancel your degree petition and work with her to re-apply to graduate in a following semester. On the one-page Graduate Petition for Degree / Program of Study Form you will need to change the Petition Type from “New” to “Reactivation”, update courses (if applicable), and change the Graduation Term. Please observe the above stated deadlines when re-submitting your degree petition materials.